NewCal Banana Leaves (10-pack)


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Similar to Indian Almond Leaves, Banana leaves are highly recognized by aquarists for their capacity of altering the water chemistry, promoting health, and breeding of fish.

  • They are known to have anti-bacteria and anti-fungal properties
  • They lower the pH of water naturally
  • Inhibit many types of bacteria and fungus
  • Stimulates breeding in Bettas
  • Conditions Betta scales and fins to improve their health
  • And provides natural hiding spots for additional security

Nutritional Benefits: Natural leaf litter is the #1 source of biofilm for aquariums. These leaves decay over a long period of time and are safe to remain in the tank until completed decomposed. Microfauna, snails, and shrimp will readily eat banana leaves.

These leaves are pre-cut into 5” x 5” squares.


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