HerpHouses PVC Terrestrial Enclosures

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We’re happy to announce we’re doing a HerpHouses order to offer some amazing PVC Enclosures and Racks!

All cages are built standard using ¼” pvc.

All cages are built using state of the art cnc machining and thermoforming technology and are chemically welded to insure a lifetime of strength and durability.

Cages are water proof and fire resistant.

Light weight and  will not mold.

Cages come standard with hinged acrylic doors, black  locks and  hinges and  are attached  using machine riveting to ensure they are permanently fastened.

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24"X24"X12", 24"x24"x16", 48"x24"x12", 48"X24"X16", 48"x32"x16"