Hype-O™ (Hypoaspis) Predator Mite – 3000


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Dealing with fungus gnats, or just trying to avoid them? Hype-O (stratiolaelaps/hypoaspis miles) is what you’re looking for! These soil mites will eat fungus gnat eggs and larvae, as well as immature thrips pupae and immature weevil stages.

Stratiolaelaps (Hypoaspis) should be used only once, on new areas as an inoculation as they will stay in the soil for the life of the crop.  They are primarily purchased as fungus gnat egg and larvae predators, but they also help with thrips control by going after immature thrips pupae that live in the soil. This generalist mite will also go after diapausing pest mites when they leave the crop, and are a great treatment for immature stages of weevils that also live in the soil.

Suited for areas up to 200 square feet

Primarily for prevention of fungus gnat eggs and larvae, but
also thrips pupae, vine weevil eggs, and bulb mites. 3,000
mites cover up to 200 sq. feet. Apply 1x, early in your crops.