Jungle Dawn 40w Spot LED


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Designed to simulate visible sun-light and stimulate chloroplasts in plants to produce more energy so the plants can GROW and Flourish. 100% Guaranteed.

The light was designed to simulate sunlight and is great for growing plants and lighting up big cages. (Like a “shaft of sun coming through a skylight!)

The CRI (Color Rendering Index) is among the highest available in LED 92+
It is Only uses  40 watts but is as bright as a 300w incandescent light bulb.
Another unique feature that allows it to have such a compact size is that it has an internal miniature cooling fan.
These have amazing long life and the diodes are rated at 40,000 hours.


IMPORTANT NOTE: NO LED product can properly provide UVB for reptiles…. so all LED products must be used in conjunction with a UVB producing bulb, like an Arcadia HO t5 Bulb.


These have a standard screw in e27 ligh bulb base. They work in any dome fixture, socket, drop light or clamp on light.
But they should not be used in a totally closed fixture though because they need to be able to ventilate to stay cool… 
air must be able to circulate around them. 


IMPORTANT FEATURES For the NEW Jungle Dawn MEGA Plant Grow Spotlight:

approx. 3500 lumen

6.5K light color
CRI 92+

Non dimable.

Can work on any timer.



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