Jungle Dawn LEDs

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These LED vivarium bulbs are designed with a 270-degree swivelling base, vented fixture body and very bright LED diodes!  The super-bright, mixed-color temperature LEDs provide an excellent lumen-per-watt ratio to brightly & accurately illuminate any vivarium. Jungle Dawn LEDs produce less heat than normal CFLs, while using less than half the electricity. All Jungle Dawn bulbs have a 270-degree swiveling base, to ensure the user can safely adjust the light straight down into the enclosure

Made with Epistar White Diodes with a ratio of Warm Whites has created light as close to the color temperature of morning Sun as possible for this application.  Cool for vegetation PLUS Warm for flowers and colors!

This LED Unit is very bright and fits all typical terrarium hoods and most standard incandescent aquarium hoods and strip lights!

Perfect for Dart Frog Vivarium’s, Freshwater Aquariums and Supplemental Lighting for any reptile setup no matter the size!

9W Jungle Dawn | 44 Mixed Spectrum High Output Diodes

11W Jungle Dawn | 52 Mixed Spectrum High Output Diodes