Natural Cork Backgrounds


Great for an amazing looking background!

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Cork Bark Backgrounds give a very natural aesthetically pleasing appearance to both reptile terrariums and orchid walls.

Created from real cork bark and pressed onto a solid board backing give it a sturdy frame.

Great for quickly adding a natural look  to your enclosure and pinning plants to for further coverage.

Backgrounds come in multiple sizes.

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12" x 12" (30 cm x 30cm), 12" x 18" (30 cm x 45cm), 18" x 18" (45 cm x 45cm), 24" x 18" (60 cm x 45 cm), 24"" x 36" (60 cm x 90 cm), 6" x 6" (15 cm x 15 cm), 6" x 9" (15 cm x 22 cm), 6" x 12" (15 cm x 30cm), 6" x 18" (15cm x 45cm)


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