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Our RescueCal + is a highly bioavailable and concentrated liquid calcium (when dissolved in water) supplement fortified with magnesium. It is designed to be used for the treatment of animals with low blood calcium levels as the result of Calcium and/or vitamin D deficiency. This is the only liquid calcium supplement available with balanced levels of magnesium to aid absorption and utilization. It can also be used at lower concentrations as a supplement to boost calcium and magnesium levels of feeds and liquids.

We formulated this product as a direct replacement for such products as Neo-Calglucon, Calciquid, and Calcionate Syrup. These products are formulated for human consumption and are produced in a thick syrup that is very high in sugars. They also contain artificial flavors and high levels of preservatives (necessary to preserve a high sugar liquid).

For therapeutic use in concentrated form, we don’t need to worry about palatability of the solution because we are syringe or drop feeding, and likewise, we don’t need additional artificial flavoring. By using a dry formula that is mixed as needed, we can also significantly reduce the levels of preservatives necessary.

Used as directed, the calcium levels are equivalent to Neo-Calglucon and other Calcium Syrups on the market. When used to treat calcium deficiency, use as directed by a Veterinarian. For supplemental use, it can be added to powdered or granular animal or insect feeds to boost calcium levels. Because it is water soluble, it can be added to drinking water as well as insect gels and polymers (dissolved first into water).

Information: A highly bioavailable and highly concentrated Liquid Calcium supplement (once dissolved in water) with added Magnesium and Electrolytes used to treat animals with low blood calcium levels as the result of Calcium and/or Vitamin D deficiency. The only liquid Calcium on the market with added Magnesium (10/1 ratio) Makes 1/2 Liter! Compares to Neo-Calglucon, Calciquid, Calcionate Syrup, Calcium Gluconate, Calcium glubionate,but with added Magnesium and Electrolytes. All minerals are in chelated forms and highly water soluble. This product is in a powdered form which extends freshness and shelf life (mix what you need).

Analysis (Dry): Calcium 8.4%, Magnesium .825% Sodium .23% Potassium .32% Chloride .34% Sucrose 14%

Analysis (when mixed to directions): Sucrose 40 mg/ml, Calcium 25 mg/ml, Magnesium 2.5 mg/ml, Sodium .7mg/ml, Potassium 1mg/ml, Chloride .1 mg/ml

Ingredients: Calcium Lactate Gluconate, Magnesium Gluconate, Sucrose, Potassium Citrate, Malic Acid, Sodium Chloride, Potassium Sorbate.

Directions: This product is designed to be mixed into a 30% solution. (3 grams/10ml, 30 grams/100ml, 150 grams/1/2 Liter, 300 Grams/Liter). You can mix only what you need but amounts less than 100 ml will require very accurate measurement. YOU WILL NEED A SCALE TO USE THIS PRODUCT ACCURATELY.

Add half total desired volume of water to container, then add weighed amount of RescueCal + to water while stirring, and then top off water to desired volume. Alternatively, you can mix by weight for both water and volume (1 gram of water is approximately equivalent to 1 ml of water at room temperature) Example using this method: Add 30 grams of RescueCal + to 70 grams water (while stirring).

It can take up to 30 minutes for the minerals to fully dissolve in water. Starting with HOT water will decrease this time but is not necessary. You can create a double strength solution by using boiling water if desired. For Clinical use, use deionized water.

Usage: Can be added to feed (as solution, or dry), water, syringe fed, or dropped into mouth. Use as prescribed by your Veterinarian. For Animal use only. For oral use only. Solution is not Injectable. Not for Human Consumption. Once mixed, solution should be discarded after 3 months.

Tips: 1 ml = 1 cc = 20 drops.


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