Rabbits – Frozen


High quality, locally bred frozen rabbits!



For those with larger animals, we offer frozen rabbits.

These rabbits are locally sourced in the Ottawa area and are humanely dispatched and frozen.

These are WHOLE PREY with no organs removed.

Also suitable for whole prey for dogs or other exotics.

Additional information


Kits (10-50g), 50-100g, 100-200g (approx 1/4lb), 200-300g (approx 1/2lb), 300-400g (approx 3/4lb), 400-500g (approx 1lb), 500-600g, 600-700g, 800-900g, 900-1kg (approx 2lb), 1-1.5kg (approx 3lb, 1.5-2.0kg (approx 4lb), 2-2.5kg (approx 5lb), 2.5-3kg (approx 6lb), 3kg+ (approx 7lb)

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