Silkworm availability is weather dependent.  Currently we’re experience weekly shortages on silkworms.  We do our best to mark the current availability.


Don’t forget to feed your silkworms!

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Silkworm availability is very up and down.  We try to keep the current stock status updated.

Due to the sensitive nature of silkworms we do not guarantee them beyond alive-arrival.

Welcome to the world of silkworms—premium feeder insects that offer exceptional nutrition and versatility for your treasured reptiles, birds, and exotic pets. Silkworms, the larvae of the silk moth Bombyx mori, are prized for their rich nutritional content and gentle nature.


  • Nutritional Superiority: Silkworms are a powerhouse of nutrients, boasting high protein, essential amino acids, calcium, and other vital nutrients, promoting optimal health for your pets.
  • Gentle and Digestible: Known for their soft bodies and ease of digestion, silkworms are an excellent choice for young or convalescing pets requiring a gentle yet nutritious diet.
  • Palatable Delicacy: With their mild taste and tender texture, silkworms entice even the fussiest eaters among reptiles, birds, and select exotic pets, encouraging healthy feeding habits.
  • Easy Handling: Our silkworms are conveniently packaged in a secure container with bedding, ensuring their freshness and well-being until feeding time.


  • Promotes Growth: Rich in protein and essential nutrients, silkworms support muscle development, growth, and overall pet vitality.
  • Calcium-Rich Diet Supplement: Ideal for pets requiring a calcium boost for bone health or egg-laying females needing additional nutrients for reproductive health.
  • Versatile Feeder Insect: Suitable for various pets such as bearded dragons, chameleons, certain bird species, and specific exotic pets, silkworms enrich and diversify their diets.

Elevate your pet’s diet with our premium silkworms. Whether used as a regular meal component or a special treat, these feeder insects promise exceptional nutritional benefits and a delectable dining experience for your cherished companions.

Note: Store silkworms in a cool environment and consult with a veterinarian for tailored feeding guidelines based on your pet’s specific dietary needs.

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