Supratect 120ml / 4oz


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Supratect is must have for all aquarium owners. Tested by hobbyists around the world to fight Fungal infections with as little as 1 dose and Ick with as little as 5-7 doses Safe for use in all aquariums, no harm to biological filtration, aquatic plants, coral, shrimp or other inverts Works in both Freshwater and Saltwater but requires higher dose in Saltwater.

Supratect is an easy to use veterinary health product made entirely from plant material that supports healthy fish and fish eggs. It is a safe, sustainable and cost-effective solution for maintaining optimal fish health in large aquaculture operations or in small hobbyist fish tanks.

Supratect™ is a non-toxic natural product that has no adverse effects on human or fish health.  Supratect is the first, and currently the only, natural fish health product to receive approval through the Low-Risk Veterinary Health Products notification program of Health Canada.

Made in Canada by RPS Biologicques Inc. (Charlottetown, PEI)

Check it out what other hobbyist are saying about it (non-paid review)  **Link to King of DIY YouTube video.