NewCal Reptile Egg Incubation Container with Tray


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NewCal – Husbandry 

Simplify the incubation process with the NewCal Egg Incubation Container.

Each container comes equipped with a suspended incubation tray with 6 separated compartments for clutches of reptile eggs. Situated in a clear plastic container to allow visual inspection of your eggs throughout the incubation period without any disruptions to the eggs inside.

The innovative design of the trays allows for increased airflow around the eggs, with an additional two raised ridges on each side to prevent the eggs from rolling from an upright position once in place.

  • Containers can be stacked securely on top of each other
  • 6 Compartments for separate clutches of eggs with an additional 2 single compartments
  • Holds 14 eggs
  • Use with Repashy Super Hatch for reliable results
  • Maintains humidity by allowing appropriate levels of airflowDimensions:7″ L x 5″ W x 2” H