Black Panter Zoological Gecko Diet – Original




About Black Panter Zoological (BPZ)
Our belief is that ?frugivorous gecko? is a misnomer. The staple diet in the wild is typically insect based while fruit simply comprises a small percentage. We let nature do what nature does right, and use only whole ingredients which provide the broadest spectrum of vitamin and mineral diversity and complete nutrition. Our novel COMPLETE DIET is designed to offer just that. With the delicious flavor of tropical mangos, bananas, guavas and papaya, and the unparalleled nutritional composition of insect protein, it?s hard for any gecko to resist!

Formulated for the insectivore (yeah,Rhacodactylus, you guys!) with 28% protein
100% Insect-based protein source
No whey, no egg, no nonsense!
Human grade tropical fruits
Raw carotenoids for COLOR
No artificial flavors or manufactured preservatives

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50g, 100g, 250g, 500g, 1000g