Raw Dog Food (Frozen)


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The Dragon Lair is happy to announce that we are now offering Raw Dog Food to our customers.   This product is sold and delivered frozen.

We’ve been using this food for over 5 years with our own dogs with great results and wanted to share this with our customers as well.

Diet break down:

  • – Chicken (meat, bone and viscera) 40%
  • – Beef (meat, bone, offal, green tripe, heart, liver, kidney) 35%
  • – Fish 20%
  • – Cooked Eggs 5%

The ingredients are fine ground and mixed together. They are then frozen and cut into 1lb blocks.  Average dry matter feed analysis shows 48% protein, 33% fat and 6% ash.

Bulk orders are packed in large canvas like bags in 40lb batches.   Each bag contains approx 40 x 1lb bricks/blocks (# of blocks can vary depending on cuts, bags are based on total weight not number of bricks)

If you have any questions let us know we’ll be happy to answer any questions you have.

Produced by Raw Dog Feed/Stonehenge Industries Inc.

Liability Disclaimer

Raw food must be maintained at –20 degrees Celsius prior to use, keep safely stored away from human food and wash your hands after touching raw meat products.  The Dragon Lair cannot be responsible for the appropriate storage and safe use of raw meat.


Bulk Discounts*
2 bags - Save 5%
3 bags - Save 10%
4 bags - Save 15%
5 bags - Save 20%

*When compared to individual bag purchase.


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Bulk, Bulk Sausages (1/4lb)


1lb, 5lb, 10lb, 20lb, 40lb (1 bag), 80lb (2 bags), 120lb (3 bags), 160lb (4 bags), 200lb (5 bags)